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Welcome to the Force Guard.  

*Copy-pasted from pre-launch.*
    The idea behind this guild is simple. This is a game and it will be treated as such. It's about having fun when playing. If you plan to rush to 50, you'll probably be bored because I most certainly will not.
    I'm a bit of an altaholic, so I'll likely have several characters running around.
    Eventually, I'd like to do 16 man raiding, or at minimum 8 man, and with that is the one caveat. Yes, it's a game and it's meant to be fun. However, when in a situation with several others such as raiding, you'll be expected to know your role/class and be prepared. I'll be the last person to tell someone how they should play their character, but you should understand what you're doing when 15 (or 7) other people are relying on you to do so.
    I like to PvP, so there will probably be a lot of that as well. I tend to play support classes like tanks and healers, but I've been known to be a DPS from time to time. 
A sense of humor is mandatory. I joke and goof around. I do stupid things like charge krayt dragons solo. I'll jump into the Sarlacc, things like that. Most others in this guild will likely be the same way. I expect people to have a thick skin and be able to take a joke. Also, dying a lot can be absolutely hilarious.
    There's likely to be a lot of swearing in chat and on voice chat, so if that offends you, this might not be the place for you. Eventually, there will probably also be a Sith guild (likely on a different server) since I want to see those stories as well.
    So, welcome and thank you for your interest. Feel free to drop a line and say hi or just apply. I'm not being discriminating.   (Recruitment Thread)
Guild News

Vent Server is UP!

Erin_GiraddatheHutt, Dec 19, 11 3:48 PM.
The server is a 10 person server, so when we need more I'll upgrade it.  

The server info is 17123

Have fun.
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